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D-Day plus Geneva: what did you expect? Putin’s not giving an inch

  “Men in green” allegedly in Odessa, south-west Ukraine, evening of 18 April   Many people have written worthwhile pieces this week about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The daily coverage has been good on Twitter and improving in conventional media; we have had insights into the shape of this conflict that we have not had […]

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D-Day plus 7: the invasion of Ukraine has already taken place

London, 14 April 2014   The weekend again. Always the weekend. From the first takeovers of airfields in Crimea on 1-2 March to the first “pro-Russian” assaults a week ago in Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk. This weekend it was the turn of Slavyansk, Kramatorsk and smaller cities in their vicinity, important because they represent deeper […]

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D-Day plus 1: will Europe stand up for its ideals in Ukraine or not?

“Pro-Russian” protesters in Luhansk, 8 April Tonight Europe’s relations with Russia are again at a height of tension as a result of Russian provocations in east Ukraine. Of that there is little doubt, despite the BBC’s and other western news organisations’ bland descriptions of events as “pro-Russian protests”. Destabilisation phase 2 – President Putin’s pretext for […]

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Ukraine’s D-for-Destabilisation-Day

A “pro-Russian” activist’s peaceful protest equipment, 7 April 7 April 2014 I’ll keep this brief. As the French novelist André Gide said 100 years ago, “Everything that needed to be said has already been said.” Yet because nobody is listening, some things have to be re-said. So Ukraine is on the move again, after a […]

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Rebirth of a nation

Bullied and humiliated by Russia, seen as a strategic buffer by the US, Ukraine is riven by corruption and deeply divided. Can it rise and free itself?

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