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Rebirth of a nation

Bullied and humiliated by Russia, seen as a strategic buffer by the US, Ukraine is riven by corruption and deeply divided. Can it rise and free itself?

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In dreams

CIRCUS BULGARIA by Deyan Enev Times Literary Supplement, 24 December 2010 The stories in Deyan Enev’s Circus Bulgaria bristle with life’s illogic. Wild, lawless and sad-funny, they are a kind of continuous discourse on the amorality and unknowability of life. A couple who live in a regime that forbids relationships are mortally stung by a […]

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From one uncertainty to another

Orientations: an Anthology of East European Travel Writing, ca.1550–2000 Under Eastern Eyes: a Comparative Introduction to East European Travel Writing on Europe A Bibliography of East European Travel Writing on Europe / edited by Wendy Bracewell and Alex Drace-Francis Times Literary Supplement, 3 June 2011 “Little do ye know your own blessedness,” Robert Louis Stevenson […]

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A brief history of intercultural awareness

International Translation Day took place at London’s Free Word Centre last week. It was a fascinating happening, interpreting translation and its values – its ability to represent the world, its power to revitalise, regenerate, teach, exercise, enthuse, convey one apex of language into another – from plenty of angles. There was a touch of interlocking […]

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